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BenefitsLove only is real

Only those of tranquil minds, and none else,
can attain abiding joy, by realizing within their
souls the Being who manifests one essence in
a multiplicity of forms.
                       ~Rabindranath Tagore









The most intelligent, advanced and exquisitely simple teachings are put forth from the Oneness University. It is a sacred school for spiritual awakening, that takes participants from all beliefs, paths, religions and helps them awaken into higher states of consciousness; creating happy human beings who feel love and connectedness as their natural state of being.

Oneness University is embraced by everyone, from those who have never attended school to the highly educated and sophisticated. It is because in their language, their teachings are like rays of sunlight that alight upon every human concern and illuminate our understanding not just intellectually but also experientially. Sri AmmaBhagavan believe that experiencing is the requirement of living fully, and that everything and anything, if experienced fully, regardless of how difficult or tragic, eventually turns to joy.


Deeksha (Oneness Blessing) Benefits

  • Deeksha offers a simple, effortless method of giving profound rest to the
    body and peace to the mind.
  • It releases deep rooted stress, rejuvenating the whole system and promoting
    wellness in all areas of life.
  • It initiates a deeper connection to the heart and an awakening to higher
    states of awareness.
  • After receiving Deeksha, many people report an increased sense of presence,
    aliveness, relaxation, mental calm, and inner peace.
  • Deeksha facilitates a neuro-biological change in the brain; it calms overactive
    areas and stimulates under-active areas, thereby awakening a sense of
    presence and well-being.
  • Deeksha seems particularly effective in discharging repetitive dysfunctional
    emotional patterns.
  • It allows us to more effectively grow in love and self-acceptance by
    awakening your creative potentials and abilities.
  • Deeksha is a transfer of intelligent universal energy via the hands or via
  • The core intent of Deeksha is to facilitate a direct awakening to one’s own
    truth in life. It does not belong to any particular spiritual or religious tradition.
    There is no dogma or need to change your life style.
  • Deeksha enhances other practices such as meditation from any tradition.
  • Those who do healing and energy work often report an improvement in their
    ability to facilitate healing in themselves and others.
  • Deeksha helps your experience life flowing through your body in all its
    fullness. Above all, Deeksha is a catalyst for awakening to Oneness.

For more information, please visit: Oneness University