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Oneness Awakening Course







Oneness Awakening Course


Your Inner VoiceA life changing weekend of powerful healing processes, ancient Vedic rituals and meditations to change your energy body and initiate you as a blessing giver.

  • Heal your relationships
  • Raise your consciousness
  • Receive outpouring of divine grace for awakening




The Oneness blessing prepares your brain for awakening by changing your neurology so you become wired for divine connection, peace and joy.

"The journey with Tarasa has decreased my self-imposed suffering."
This course will be taught by Rev. Dr. Tarasa B. Lovick when there are at least 10 individuals interested in participating in your community.

The cost of the course is $295.00 for two days. Please go to the registration page and let me know that you have at least 10 participants interested in taking this dynamic two day course.

“The journey with Tarasa has
decreased my self-imposed suffereing.”

Please sign up using the form on this page: Schedule A Session